(SCENE:  Cobra Island, main command bunker.)

Cobra Commander:  Gentlemen! I’ve called you here to discuss my latest convoluted scheme to infiltrate the White House and replace the President with an unqualified decoy in order to sow chaos and despair among the American People, thus furthering my objective of world domination!

(Destro and Zartan both raise their hands.)

CC: Yes, yes, what is it?

Destro: Commander, while I commend your consistency, and must confess my own surprise at how often these schemes almost work, in this case I have to question whether such a plan seems just a little. . .how shall I put it. . .

Zartan: Redundant.

CC: What do you mean?

Zartan: You run the risk of replacing the president with a decoy who is, not to put too fine a point on it, more qualified.

Destro: In fact, replacing the current White House occupant with a decoy might actually improve matters.

CC: So what you’re saying is…the world would look on me as a savior!

Destro: No, that isn’t actually–

(Zartan just puts his hand on his face and shakes his head slowly.)

CC: Yesssssss!!! It’s perfect!!!!!  We infiltrate the White House, replace the President with a qualified decoy, and the world will be ours for the taking!  Hahahahahahahahahaa!!!!!!