(SCENE: A garage on Cobra island, with all kinds of tricked out vehicles in the background. The After School Special Music starts playing.)

Ripper:  Zartan, I. . .I need to talk to you.

Zartan: What is it, Ripper? What’s troubling you?

Ripper:  Guv — what’s all this talk about us being fascists?

Zartan: Cobra is a fascist organization. Cobra Commander is a fascist. Personally I like to think of myself as an anarchist, but we Dreadnoks work for fascists, take their money, and that pretty much makes us fascist too. Sorry, I thought you knew?

Ripper:  No!

Zartan: Yes, ‘fraid so.

Ripper: Now see here, me granddad flew a Spitfire at the Battle of Britain, what will he say, he finds out I’m a fascist!

Zartan: I suppose it depends, which way did he vote on Brexit?

Ripper:  That’s a low blow, guv.

Zartan:  Yes. Well. We’re the bad guys.

Ripper:  And we’re fascists?

Zartan:  You know what? Never mind.  Would you like to drive around and blow things up later today?

Ripper: Cor yeah, that sounds like fun!

Zartan: Excellent.