(The Baroness is out of uniform, lounging in a black terrycloth robe and drinking ouzo straight from the bottle while watching today’s news.)

Baroness:  My God. If only we had known it would be so easy. If only we had known.

(She gets out her phone, dials.)

Destro: Yes?

Baroness:  Am I a failure?  I worked so hard for so many years to undermine democracy. All the ridiculous Rube Goldberg schemes and disguises, the Machiavellian plotting, and then this. . .this thing comes along, and. . . I worked so hard, Destro darling, so hard, and now. . .was it all for nothing? WAS IT?

Destro: Baroness. Are you drunk?

Baroness: I may be a little drunk, yes.

Destro: I think you should have a glass of water and go to sleep. Things will look better in the morning.

Baroness:  Will they, Destro?  WILL THEY?!

Destro: ….

Baroness: Destro. Tell me I’m a terrible person.

Destro: You are a terrible person, Baroness.

Baroness: I’ve done terrible things.

Destro: You have, and you should be very proud of all the terrible things you’ve done.

Baroness: And I’m evil? The evilest person in the world?

Destro: …..

Baroness: Goddammit.