[SCENE: Cobra Commander is at his desk computer, and quickly shuts down a game of Minesweeper when the doors slide open.  The Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot, enter.]

Cobra Commander:  Yessssss, what is it?

Tomax:  Cobra Commander we must inform you that we —

Xamot: — are resigning from Cobra.

CC:  What! Why?

Tomax:  It’s become clear to us that Cobra no longer offers the best opportunities for us to exercise our —

Xamot: — particular talents. So you see, we’ve submitted resumes to —

Tomax & Xamot:  The White House.

CC:  Well. I can hardly argue with that.

Xamot:  We expect another —

Tomax: — Cabinet position  —

Xamot: — or two —

Tomax: — or three —

Xamot:  — to open up soon.  We hope we can count on you —

Tomax: — to provide letters of recommendation?

CC:  One question.

Tomax & Xamot:  Yes?

CC:  Are you even American citizens?

Tomax:  What has that —

Xamot:  — got to do with anything?

CC: …..

CC:  Do you two have any idea how annoying it is to talk to you?

Tomax:  Of course–

Xamot:  –we do.

Tomax:  You don’t think this is —

Xamot & Tomax:  — an accident.

[The Twins laugh evilly, in unison.]

CC: ……

CC:  Of course I’ll write glowing recommendations for you.  I see you working in close proximity to the Oval Office.  Very close proximity, one hopes, with frequent opportunities to speak to its occupant. Bessssssssst of luck!

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