[Time and Place: January, Second Women’s March in an undisclosed city. ]

[There’s a completely unassuming woman dressed in a completely nondescript outfit, wearing glasses and carrying a sign that reads “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.” She might be a librarian. You’d only know this was all a disguise if you knew what to look for.]

[Nearby, there’s a hipster-looking woman with a nose ring and spiked hair and leather jacket, carrying a sign with the anarchy symbol on one side and F*** T**** on the other. Except, you know, without the stars. You’d only know this was all a disguise if you knew what to look for.]

[The crowd shifts, the two women bump into each other by accident. Turns out, they both know what to look for.]

Lady Jaye:  Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean —

Zarana:  No worries, it’s crowded here —

[Recognizing each other, they both turn away quickly, stunned, and for a moment pretend not to have seen the other. Then –]

Lady Jaye:  I wouldn’t have expected to see you here.

Zarana:  Likewise.

Lady Jaye:  How could I not? Things have gotten so crazy. . .my mother and grandmother marched so I wouldn’t have to, and now here we are.

Zarana:  Right? I’ve got plenty of other fights I could be spending my time on.  But do you know what it’s like being the token female in the Dreadnoks?

Jaye:  Please say they don’t tell you to go make them a sandwich —

Zarana:  Every. Day.

Jaye:  That’s horrible. You know, you’re the real brains of that outfit.

Zarana:  Right?! Thank you! You’re lucky, you’ve always had Scarlett and Cover Girl watching out for you.

Jaye:  Aren’t they great? They’re so amazing–

Zarana:  They’re bitches. I mean that as a compliment of course.

Jaye:  Hey, bitches get stuff done.

Zarana:  Bitches get stuff done!

Jaye:   Have you noticed how none of the women in G.I. Joe get helmets? Only the men get helmets.

Zarana:  Whoa, I never noticed that before.

Jaye: It’s like, if we cover our hair people won’t know we’re girls? What’s up with that?

[The crowd picks up a chant. Lady Jaye and Zarana join in.]


Jaye: It’s so weird hearing you say that.

Zarana:  Don’t tell anyone, but the entire Cobra organization is having an existential crisis right now. We started out as anarchists, dammit!

Jaye:  Well, I should get going. I’m not really supposed to be here.

Zarana:  Yeah, me neither.

Jaye:  But. You know.  [She points at her sign. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.]

Zarana:  Yeah, you too. Hey, do me a favor and say hello to Mainframe for me?

Jaye:  Wait what?

[But Zarana has already disappeared into the crowd.]

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